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Community groups seek holistic approach to gun violence, urge against punitive knee-jerk reactions

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The voices of those closest to the pain of everyday gun violence are often not heard in the media,” Amber Goodwin, founder and director of Community Justice Action Fund, said. CJAF is a national advocacy group that organizes with communities of color to end gun violence through training, policy development, education, and leadership development. “First and foremost, we’re listening to survivors of mass shootings, everyday shootings, suicide, and domestic violence,” Goodwin said.On Tuesday, Goodwin hosted a national call with advocacy groups fighting gun violence in their local communities. After kicking off the call with contemplation and breathing to remember the victims of violence, they shared some of the strategies they’ve used to fight violence.From Chicago, Chyann McQueen chimed in. The 20-year-old activist works with Good Kids Mad City, a youth-led gun violence prevention group. She’s from the West Side of Chicago, where seven were shot last weekend at Douglas Park, and where she herself lost a friend to gun violence in 2015.


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